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Meet Manifest Prizes’ Founder/ Director


Richie’s road to manifest

Manifest Prizes was a concept born to Founder Richie over 4 years ago in the heart of the Emerald Isle in Mountmellick, Co. Laois, Ireland. Running online promotions while also generating money for very deserving charities was a concept Richie quickly became obsessed with.

Being a qualified sound engineer with experience in audio/video production and editing, earning a living through years in construction, with experience in customer care roles, these, combined with a passion for all things engines, made him the perfect candidate to run a business like Manifest Prizes pretty much single- handedly.

However, having met too many obstacles establishing such a company in the Republic of Ireland and always having a ‘travel itch’ to scratch, he and his partner made a “now or never” decision to make the move to Australia. 


Arriving to Melbourne in September 2019, Richie headed back into his usual construction role, all the while educating himself on how best to build a competitions company on this side of the world. By mid-December he had it. The plan was in place. It involved a move to Sydney which both he and his partner were up for. They decided to wait until after Christmas as Richie had family in Melbourne and would spend the holidays with them. Then…. We all know what happened then…. Covid…

In the first few weeks of 2020 the levels of uncertainty grew and grew. Being “fresh off the boat” on the far side of the world from home in what was quickly becoming a worldwide pandemic was a nervous time. They made the decision to play it safe, jump into the car and head out to do their regional work. The decision was made on Wednesday, got a job offer on Thursday, quit the jobs and packed up the belongings on Friday and headed out the road Saturday morning with a final destination of Perth, Western Australia. This entailed a journey from one side of Australia to the other in a 2001 Toyota Camry, loaded with their lives, with no idea what to expect.


This move led them into the most mental period of their lives that built them into becoming different people by being challenged time and time again. Massive ups and massive downs. Meeting some of the nicest people they ever met and some of the worst. Gave them the most incredible experiences you could ever imagine, while also getting thrown into difficult ones.

They covered 90% of their ‘Australian Bucket List’ during this time (travel restrictions permitting). They worked, they travelled, they worked, they travelled. 8 jobs, 9 houses, 6 weeks living on a campsite, 1 last minute wedding, thousands upon thousands of kilometres and getting locked out of their home state (WA) later, they found themselves on a plane to Sydney, and just like that, it was time..

After, what was initially supposed to be a 3 month stint in the bush, turned into 2 years of their lives, it was time. Time to revert back to the plan made in December 2019.

They spent the following few months in Sydney enjoying themselves. Enjoying what a post-covid world had to offer them. They established themselves in Sydney. Getting to know the place and making new friends for life. All this time, whether in the depths of the bush or drinking cocktails under the Harbour Bridge, the company was a work in progress. In August 2022 Richie left full time work completely and in the following 10 weeks built Manifest Prizes into a fully fledged business ready for launch.


On the 24th November 2022 Manifest Prizes was launched and so began the next chapter of Richie’s life. A chapter focused on changing peoples lives, walking into charities with big cheques to help support them in making a difference and building a new life for himself, his partner, and their entire future.

Thank you to all who have showed support so far and we hope you enjoy the Manifest journey…







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